Was involved with the Canton Telephone Directory for about 40 years, probably the first locally published phone book in the state.

Moved to New Hartford in 2002 and noticed a void; couldn't even find "New Hartford" in any telephone company directories. Talked to Phyllis about the situation. She grabbed the ball and the rest is history.

We have a great group; get the job done and have some fun along the way. The Town and its residents benefit from the best telephone directory and local information resource in the state—and many area non-profit organizations benefit from the significant grants that we give every year. Sure seems like a win-win-win situation to me.

Get on board NHCC, give us a hand, and you will see what I mean.

—Phil Worley


I got involved because EDC wanted to put together a map and handout of the town of New Hartford. I selected a few people to work with me which happened to be Dina Waker and Daria Hart... Need I say more?

Four printings later and many hours working with the New Hartford Community Connections group, the map and handout are only a dream. We have a much more useful book for the town and a great way of producing funds for projects in the town. A lot of hard work, but a lot of great rewards have come out of it.

—Norma Richmond,
former committee member

Why did YOU join NHCC?

Needed Product
Great People
Great Results

Win, Win for everyone.

—Wally Lugli


Well first there is the community thing, it's a fabulous resource for our community. The fact that we put all of our proceeds back into New Hartford non-profit organizations and have given out almost $40,000 in the first three years!

Including the kids’ artwork always makes me feel like each directory is collectible.

Then there's the Community Connections 100% volunteer group, one of the best groups of dedicated people I have ever worked with.

The food and beverage factor, have to be honest that's a biggy.

The camaraderie as we stuff envelopes and work to pull each edition together, each member is not only commited to the directory but to the community too and so the discussions about town are wonderful.

Truth is none of us were bullied or pushed to join were we? And I think we have such staying power because of all that we have accomplished.

It's a feel-good thing. It's packed full of great local information and is free to everyone in town!

—Phyllis Webb,
former committee member


Well first, Phyllis strong-armed me into it.

Then I saw the chance to design a really nice book that people would actually use.

Then I realized that the meetings were not bad, especially if we could share a sixpack of Magic Hat.

—Joan Auclair,
member on sabbatical


I wanted to help out with the directory so that I could learn more about New Hartford and hopefully meet some new people.

I think you know that I love to volunteer and help people out.

—Penny Miller



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